Garden to Glass

The weather seems to be on the up (after a snowy start to spring!) which means our garden is getting some serious attention. As you’ll have read from the last Garden Update we have been busy through the winter months making sure everything is ready to go, go, go. Our Front of House team are getting outside much … Continue reading Garden to Glass

Wild ImaGINation

By Seb Stott Starting work at the Black Swan was an incredibly daunting time for me. To come and work at somewhere of such a high standard and reputation was a wonderful opportunity of course, but it was something that I went into being very, very nervous. One of my biggest passions in life is … Continue reading Wild ImaGINation

Part 1- Is this truly a Martini? By Bea Batchelor

As we move into the colder months, it seemed appropriate to start thinking about replacing some of our cooling, refreshing summer drinks and start introducing a few more wintery comforting ingredients. Well, and a thoroughly bizarre take on a Margarita… Just because we could. With that in mind, we set to foraging, harvesting and rediscovering … Continue reading Part 1- Is this truly a Martini? By Bea Batchelor