The Dessert- My Great Briton

22 thoughts on “The Dessert- My Great Briton”

  1. The judges will be blown away definately! Well done on your 10 yesterday and congratulations on your high score overall. It’s been an amazing week- loved every minute.

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      1. Really impressed. Your tribute dessert was stunning in its simplicity. And what a humble and delightful young man you are.Can’t wait to visit your restaurant.

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  2. Well done Tommy! I’ve just watched the judges show. Ecstatic your through to the final! You’ve had amazing dishes all week.
    Can’t wait to watch the final, I’m really hoping at least one of your dishes go to the banquet especially your desert.


  3. Congratulations Tommy! I’ve really enjoyed watching you make your dazzling creations this week. They look absolutely incredible. Best of luck with the banquet.


  4. Taking nothing away from your excellent performance this week, my wife and I have had the privilege to enjoy your food over several years and it did not come as much of a surprise you came out TOPS. Cream will always rise.


  5. Well done Tommy!was moved to tears by your sweet and the unexpected pleasure of hearing Fred’s voice.I am mary’s cousin -you won’t know me!he was such a special chap.Good luck for the rest of the series.. Anna

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  6. Tommy, this is my Great Britain too! My family would look out for the White Horse every weekend as we drove to visit grandparents in Dalton. Then, as schoolchildren, we visited Kilburn on school trips ( and ate our packed lunch on the Horse’s eye – long before concerns about health and safety ). Now, in our 50s and living at opposite ends of the country, my sister and I meet up regularly in York. Travelling by train she always texts ‘WH WH’ as she passes the White Horse to herald her approach to our home town. We’ve been lucky enough to eat at The Black Swan several times and are delighted at your success ( but a little bit reluctant to share with the nation ). I would say congrats but I’m from a Yorkshire and we don’t really do compliments.

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  7. I really wish I could try this. I can’t even begin to imagine the taste of Douglas Fir – is it green and fragrant like screwpine (pandanus) leaves? And the lemon verbena… A very clever dessert and the simplicity of how it appears belies all the hard work and careful thought that must have surely gone into it. Such an inspiration!

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