The Fish Dish- Preserving The Future

10 thoughts on “The Fish Dish- Preserving The Future”

  1. Definately the best chef so far…..your food is amazing. Do we get to taste any of your dishes when we visit the Black Swan next week? Am sure you will cook at the Banquet.


  2. Have just watched the dessert course on TV, stunning, so pleased for you, an extremely talented young man with a great future. We live in North Yorks and agree the views from the White Horse are wonderful. Staying with you in December and looking forward to the tasting menu.


      1. Congratulations you so deserve to be cooking at the banquet, and I am sure the only reason that you are not doing dessert too is that you could not be expected to do two courses!!

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  3. Heartfelt congratulations -what a joy it has been to follow your amazing progress throughout this journey. In February my daughter and son in law treated me to lunch at the Black Swan for my (70th !) birthday which was truly, the highlight of a very special time. You have such a gift which is much appreciated.

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